All scarves and other accessories were made within the framework of the Restoration project – a long-running history that has been successfully developing for over 8 years. In collaboration with the Committee for State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments and with the support of the Government of St. Petersburg, motifs of the historical and cultural heritage of Moscow and St. Petersburg appeared on fashionable wardrobe items. The scarves are made of 100% Lyons silk and 100% cashmere and are gift wrapped. Within the framework of the project, two collections of scarves were realized:

Decor Line – a wide range of designs, 100% silk, size 73 / 73cm. This collection has an affordable price and is produced in large quantities.

The Exclusive line is made of silk and cashmere, has many unique designs, the circulation of each product is no more than 3 pcs. Size 110/110 cm. Prices range from 18000r-25000r.

The main idea of ​​the project is not only to diversify fashion trends with timeless classics, referring to the cultural heritage of the native city, but also to return the lost masterpieces of art and architecture to a wide audience. Elena Badmaeva in her work strives to make art objects closer to people, to take them out of museums and give them a new life in every person’s home.

An important task was to make things from the collection available to the mass buyer without compromising their quality. At present, the RESTAVRATSIA brand produces affordable silk scarves and other accessories dedicated to the historical and cultural heritage of Moscow and St. Petersburg, worthy of becoming the face of souvenir products of the two capitals. In the center of several collections of the “Restoration” project was love, which, according to Elena Badmaeva’s plan, guests of the cultural capital can take with them along with her works and the memory of St. Petersburg. Immortal words about the love of classic poets – Pushkin, Blok and other ornaments of multicolored type-setting parquet floors of the 18th century, preserved only in the historical interiors of the city on the Neva, as well as picturesque plafonds on the theme of love, adorning the state rooms of the famous palaces of St. Petersburg.