Project Description

Associations project held in Tsarskoye Selo in 2014, was dedicated to Anglomaniya. The project was staged by Vasily Barkhatov. The Hunting collection was inspired by Venus and Adonis, a famous poem written by William Shakespeare (the plot of the latest dated back to The Metamorphoses by Ovid).

The collection revealed the feminine goddess, feminine bird. Famous masterpieces of such great artists as Rubens and Titian became the key to creating vivid and phenomenal dresses. The paintings were presented on the designer dresses’ tails of many meters in length. The Hunting collection is a jewel among Elena Badmaeva projects, that not only delight the eye but also extend general boundaries of fashion and its perception. Appeal to the masterpieces of the 16th-century great artists makes it possible to show paintings in a new way, changes views on familiar issues and sparks interest in a wider audience of fashion connoisseurs.